Focus-On Facial Treatments

Specially developed to target specific areas using Environ’s revolutionary Dual Electro-Sonic DF Technology, ensuring that your primary skincare concerns are directly addressed. Perfect for when time is limited.

FOCUS-ON FILLER - £45 (30 Min)
This innovative, intense and non-invasive treatment helps to smooth the look of facial lines and restore a rejuvenated, plumped youthfulness to the skin’s appearance.
FOCUS-ON FROWN - £45 (30 Min)
The iconic peptide blend in this treatment assists to reduce the appearance of expression and frown lines on the forehead as well as eyes, leaving skin looking more smooth and relaxed.
FOCUS-ON EYE - £45 (30 Min)
Combining powerful peptide complexes with hyaluronic acid, this intense treatment promotes a refreshed, hydrated and youthful-looking eye area.
FOCUS-ON TEXTURE - £45 (30 Min)
An intensive combination of the three Environ Technologies; Dual Electro-Sonic, Cool Peel and Micro-Needling which assists to improve the appearance of mild scarring, revealing smoother, evenly-textured skin.
FOCUS-ON EVEN TONE - £45 (30 Min)

The powerful combination of vitamin A, C and AHA’s assists to improve the appearance of pigmentation irregularities for a more even-toned and brighter-looking skin.


This powerful body treatment targets the appearance of dimpled, lax and uneven skin texture in specific areas (including the jaw line). The effective combination of active ingredients promotes a visibly smoother, firmer and contoured appearance.


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